If you follow financial markets, the main problem is that important data is scattered on dozens of web sites, and diluted with hundreds if not thousands of data points that do not matter much.

If you follow financial markets, you read articles in the main journals. They give you this month’s data update and if you’re lucky, a perspective on what the number was 12 months ago, or last month.

Now what if:

  • You could find the key metrics all in one web site, selected and consolidated for you?
  • You could see not just last month or last year’s number, but decades into the past to put things in perspective?
  • The page gave you simple pointers to help make decisions?
  • You could engage in a discussion with other users, ask questions, disagree. Everything respectful goes.
This is what the PANNORAMIC INDICATORS are here for. Mouse over the menu to see each indicator and click to obtain the associated data in an interactive and clear format.

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